$IQT is the heartbeat of IQ Protocol. It is central to every transaction within the marketplace


Simple yet powerful!

The more the platform is utilized, the more value accrues to the token. It's a virtuous cycle where the token's value is intrinsically linked to the success of our ecosystem and global community

[Utility and Functionality: The Currency of the Marketplace]

Utility and Functionality

Access to Innovation

Stake IQT to unlock new gaming horizons and exclusive content

Marketplace Transactions

IQT tokens are exclusively used for all transactions in the protocol, including purchases, sales, rentals, and listings

Rewarding Achievements

Complete challenges and reach milestones to earn IQT

Staking Rewards and Earnings

Royalty Distribution

Transaction fees from the marketplace accrue to IQT stakers

Staking Rewards

Stake IQT to earn a share of marketplace earnings, incentivizing long-term holding and usage

Game Access

Stake IQT for access to new games and projects; higher stakes may offer earlier or exclusive entries (tournaments, exclusive in-game items, game tokens etc


Community and Growth

Engagement Rewards: Active community members are incentivized with IQT, fueling participation

Dynamic Sustainability and Adaptability

Adaptive Fee Structure

Fee adjustments respond to market dynamics, nurturing the reward pool and user experience

Conversion and Stability

Backend swaps between fiat to IQT during marketplace transactions contribute to liquidity and market stability

Web3Auth Wallet Integration

Real-time IQT conversions facilitate ease of access and mitigate volatility, ensuring a consistent demand for IQT

Burn Mechanism

$IQT tokens will be burned as the marketplace reaches new milestones and metrics

Token Supply and Distribution

[Total Supply]

1,000,000,000 IQT






[1] — 5%

Airdrops: 6m cliffs for initial airdrop rounds

later airdrop rounds tbd, not circulating

[2] — 12.5%
125M IQT

Liquidity, Market Making, DEX LBP, Exchange listings

[3] — 15%
150M IQT

Team & Advisors: 6m cliff + 24m linear vesting

[4] — 20%
200M IQT

Private Sales: 6m cliff + 18-24m linear vesting (24m for Seed round, 18m for Strategic and Private rounds)

[5] — 47.5%
475M IQT

Foundation, Reserves, Ecosystem growth: Will be available linearly over the course of 5 years

User Buys NFT using IQT

A) Transaction Fee: Charge a small percentage fee in IQT on each purchase. This fee is added to the staking reward pool

B) Fiat-to-IQT Conversion: During the purchase, fiat currency is converted to IQT, slightly increasing the demand for IQT, which benefits the overall token economy

User Sells NFT for IQT

A) Seller's Fee: Implement a nominal fee for sellers in IQT when an NFT is sold. This fee is directed into the staking rewards pool

B) Price Stability Contribution: Every sale contributes to maintaining active trade volumes, aiding the stability and liquidity of IQT

User Lists NFT with an Asking Price in IQT

Listing Fee: Charge a fee in IQT for listing an NFT. This serves two purposes: it adds to the staking pool and discourages spam listings, ensuring quality in the marketplace

User Rents NFT Using IQT

A) Rental Fee: Apply a fee on each NFT rental transaction in IQT. This fee contributes to the staking reward pool.

B) Increased Transaction Volume: Regular rentals increase IQT's transaction volume, supporting its market presence and value.

User Completes Achievement and Earns IQT Bonus

A) Achievement Incentivization: While achievements result in issuing IQT tokens to users, they are crucial for long-term engagement and protocol growth. Engaged users are more likely to transact, thus indirectly contributing to the overall economy.

B) Circulation and Engagement: Increased user activity and token circulation from achievements can lead to more transactions (buying/selling/renting), indirectly benefiting the staking pool.

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