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Rent. Play. Earn.

IQ Market V2 is live!

TRV gamers, renters, and Champion owners, welcome to the new Marketplace version

To learn more about important updates, and changes in the IQ Market, please, refer to The Red Village Seasons instructions and to IQ Market V1 TRV IQVerse description. To access our raffles, visit our regular version of the IQ Market

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Expand Your Gaming Horizons

10x your abilities without paying for expensive assets

Unlock Huge Opportunities

Rent assets to supercharge your gaming experience and power-up with exclusive utilities

No Crypto? No Problem!

Rent assets on reward split payment terms with no upfront costs and no gas fees

Maximize Potential with $IQT

Stake $IQT tokens to unlock exclusive functionality and earn a share of the protocol fees

Get Rewarded

Regular giveaways and raffles with huge prizes from the biggest games in the space


Simple & Transparent

Rent what you need for as long as you need with a few clicks. Easy, secure, and on-chain


Say goodbye to gas fees!

IQ gasless feature is a game-changer for asset renting. Now you can unlock the true power of NFTs, explore new projects, and level up your gameplay without ever worrying about gas fees

Put your assets to work

Turn your investments into yield-bearing assets. With IQ Protocol, you can monetize the assets in your wallet without risk

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Split utility. Multiplied value

if NFT has 3 different utilities, then iq is able to allow you to hand over all 3 utilities separatelyif NFT has 3 different utilities, then iq is able to allow you to hand over all 3 utilities separately
Here is value

IQ Protocol empowers interoperability at scale

A single asset can be rented out for different utilities simultaneously

Lend. Rent. Learn. Earn.

Share experiences

Build a global community

Accelerate adoption

Boost your asset economy

Let’s Have Fun!


The Red Village

A 3D dark-fantasy Play-2-Earn NFT game.


Crypto-Guilds Meta Game

A cross-game quest platform offering players a diverse gameplay experience and tangible rewards.



An NFT Space Exploration game, offering a multi-layered gameplay, tournaments, and rewards.


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