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NFT Projects

Renting and trading, enhanced security, creator-focused analytics
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GameFi Projects

Deposit-free NFT trials, cross-platform APIs, integrated game widgets.


NFT staking rewards, financial performance analytics, secure transaction protocols

Core Features

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Insightful Analytics Dashboard

Gain powerful insights with our comprehensive analytics dashboard, tailored to track and analyze your Web3 interactions and performance metrics
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Versatile REST API Integration

Connect and interact effortlessly with various platforms through our robust REST API, enabling seamless Web3 functionality across your digital ecosystem
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Innovative Widgets Deployment

Integrate our potent widgets directly into your platform, allowing users to utilize our IQ technology with ease and flexibility
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Hassle-Free Deposit-Free Rentals

Dive into NFT rentals without upfront deposits, facilitating a trial experience that encourages exploration and participation
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Secure Protocol-Locked NFTs

Rest assured with protocol-locked NFTs, ensuring your digital assets remain safe and secured within our ecosystem
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Rigorously Audited Protocol

Trust in our protocol’s integrity, having been audited twice for utmost reliability and security in all your Web3 transactions
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Fiat on ramp

Top-up your IQ account using comfortable payment methods
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Seamless Gasless Transactions

Experience Web3 without the friction — execute transactions without the worry of gas fees, making your digital interactions smooth and cost-effective


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What is NFT Renting?

NFT renting allows users to temporarily access NFTs for use or enjoyment without owning them, similar to a lease

Why IQ Protocol?

More players. More activity. More possibility.
IQ Protocol's unique solution to NFT renting also means security for users and high customization potential for projects

How will NFT Renting Enhancing My NFT Economy?

Integrating NFT renting supercharges growth by aligning incentives of the project, the NFT owners, and new players through low entry barriers and sustainable yield

Why Should I Offer My NFTs for Free Trial?

Free trials incentivize engagement by allowing users experience NFT collections for short-term use, potentially leading to increased adoption and sales. For premium NFTs, Free Trial will demonstrate value and boosts the sales

What is NFT Staking?

NFT staking involves locking up your NFTs in a platform to earn rewards or governance rights within its ecosystem.

How to Enable Widgets?

Enabling widgets usually involves integrating a snippet of code into your platform, allowing users to interact with NFTs directly.

How Can I Trade My NFTs?

You can trade NFTs on supported marketplaces, often requiring a wallet setup and potentially listing your NFT for sale or auction.