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Rent. Play. Earn.


Unlock the full utility of NFTs at a fraction of the purchasing cost

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Access unique NFTs

The IQ Market offers unique NFTs with exclusive utilities

Exclusive access

Access 'rental-only' tournaments and features

Optimize your rental

Rent according to your needs and goals

Flexible rental terms

Rent NFTs with either shared rewards or a fixed price


Simple & Transparent

No upfront deposits. Only pay for what you need, and how long you need it


Say goodbye to gas fees!

IQ gasless feature is a game-changer for NFT renting, that allows you to get NFTs without ever having to pay a penny. Now you can unlock the true power of NFTs, explore new projects, and level up your gameplay without ever worrying about gas. 

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Split utility. Multiplied value

if NFT has 3 different utilities, then iq is able to allow you to hand over all 3 utilities separatelyif NFT has 3 different utilities, then iq is able to allow you to hand over all 3 utilities separately
Here is value

IQ unlocks the value of NFT collections!

With the IQ Protocol, projects can split out the benefits of an NFT, and rent out each utility as a separate asset on the marketplace.

Put your NFTs to work

Renting out your in-game assets on the marketplace allows you to generate easy passive income. If you want to rent your asset privately to a specific wallet you can use the direct renting option.


A decentralized ecosystem powering the events industry via NFT ticketing platform and metaverse



The Red Village

A 3D dark-fantasy Play-&-Earn NFT game



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An NFT game about collecting, breeding, and caring for Kitsu pets