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Discover new revenue streams and add value to your NFT collections

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IQ revenue stream

Asset owners list NFTs on the IQ Market for rental. All rental conditions can be customized and the owners/listers receive revenue once the rental period is over

Partners provide support for rented NFTs, and enable utilities to be consumed by renters

Users pay to rent available NFTs on the terms set by asset owners

Become a partner

Monetize assets and enhance
value proposition

List your assets on IQ Market in order to earn rental fees, enhance the value of your NFT collections, and reach a wider audience of players interested in rare in-game assets

Customize rental experience and pricing

Tailor the rental experience with customizable rental fees, payment tokens, and revenue splits. Choose from three different pricing models: fixed fee, reward sharing, or combined pricing

Guilds — This one's for You

With hundreds of digital assets on your books — deploy them to your guild members or to the broader community

When the NFTs you owned aren’t being used by your players, deploy them to IQ Market and allow them to be productive every second of the day

Easy to integrate

IQ Market

You can use IQ Market as external space for renting, eliminating the need to code an in-game marketplace


IQ offers an SDK for deep integration purposes and a UI for one-click no-code integration

How to integrate?


Create your own rental space IQVerse


Customize your NFT rentals process

Сreate your rental framework (Warpers) that represent underlying NFTs and special offers for renters


Support rentals in your project

Choose the way you integrate
(use our SDK or Smart contracts)


Integrate your project

Integrate Into IQ Marketplace with our SDK.
Let the renting begin!


Apply for Marketplace listing

This will allow your project to be represented on IQ Market


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