IQ Protocol is a groundbreaking NFT rental technology that revolutionizes how users interact with blockchain games and NFT projects

As a permissionless, open-source solution, it offers seamless integration with no associated costs, fueling discovery and easy onboarding for users in the Web3 gaming space

Our mission is to minimize friction and maximize the gaming experience in the evolving digital landscape

Key Technology Features

Asset Rental Marketplace

Easily create and manage an NFT rental marketplace that is permissionless, mobile-friendly, and straightforward to integrate

Gasless Transactions

IQ Protocol allows for prepaid transaction fees, facilitating a frictionless user experience

Reward Split Rental Terms

Enables asset renting with flexible reward sharing arrangements

Customizable Royalties

Projects can set and enforce royalty terms, ensuring continuous revenue

Variable Rental Conditions

Tailor rental options per wallet, time, price, and more, with the ability to establish a wallet blacklist


Integration Made Simple

Our integration process ranges from a no-code solution that can be set up in minutes to a comprehensive SDK/API integration, supported by a dedicated team

Platform Highlights

Innovative Asset Utilization

From trial subscriptions to short-term utility demonstrations, IQ Protocol enables unique asset experiences

Quest and Tournament Platform

Engage your community with rental-based activities to drive user interaction

Promotional Support

Utilize promotions and giveaways to increase player onboarding and broaden holder distribution

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborate with a wide network of games, studios, and guilds to expand your reach

Web2 Friendly Onboarding

Offer a walletless login and fiat onramp for an effortless transition from traditional to Web3 gaming

Benefits of IQ Protocol

Increase User Base

Transaction fees from the marketplace accrue to IQT stakers

Boost Activity

Stake IQT to earn a share of marketplace earnings, incentivizing long-term holding and usage

Enhance In-Game Liquidity

Stake IQT for access to new games and projects; higher stakes may offer earlier or exclusive entries (tournaments, exclusive in-game items, game tokens etc

Innovations and Future Prospects

Our integration process ranges from a no-code solution that can be set up in minutes to a comprehensive SDK/API integration, supported by a dedicated team

Join the Ecosystem

Become a part of the IQ Protocol ecosystem and propel your project forward with cutting-edge rental technology and a community passionate about the future of gaming and digital asset utilization

"After integrating IQ Protocol's rental features, we immediately had ATHs for our tournaments in a 24h period (peak of 3365, beat a previous high of 2450). After that, we averaged 3,000+ tournaments across the activation campaign"

Lucien Dorman
Founder, The Red Village

"More than 80% of our collection was listed on the IQ Marketplace — each being rented at least twice in the first month. This increased the distribution of our assets by at least 10x simultaneously raising the floor price"

Jeremie Henicz
Co-Founder, Crypto Guilds